The library provides basic and special services.The basic services are provided free of charge under Act on Libraries No. 126/2015 Coll. Special services are provided for remuneration according to the valid  price list which can be found in the appendix section of Library regulations.<

Any citizen of Slovak Republic registered as a user of the library may take advantage of its lending services and attend it personally.

Any citizen of Slovak Republic or of another state may use the library’s services, even if he is not yet a registered member of the library. Such a person may – personally, in writing, by telephone or e-mail – request a service which does not require the submission of a Library Card (e. g. present lending services, consultative, referential, reprographic, electronic services).

Basic services (free of charge):

absent document lending
present document lending
document lend prolongation
consultation and referential services
organization of cultural and educational events and exhibitions

Special services (paid):

interlibrary loaning services
reprographic services
PC and internet access (first 30 minutes free)